Before the Dawn


What was gold before the dawn?
Or silver when the moon is high?
So hard to tell who decides these things
Or decided they even matter at all
The one thing I do know is it wasn’t me
And I think probably not you
Though I do have my doubts
Perhaps the kings and queens
Priests and pharaohs
Or gods of a distant time
So long ago forgotten
We’ll never know for sure
Some say it was the aliens
Whose ships lit up the sky
Ushering in the dawn of all to come
And so early in the morning
Before the darkness melts away
Bathed by the rays of the new day sun
I sit and ponder these things
Completely sober mind you
As the outline of the treetops form
Separating themselves from the sky
As they always do
Before the dawn.

Copyright © Drew Martin 2015


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