Season 2, The Twilight Zone

The Twilight Zone – Season 2 Disc 3 Review


The Twilight Zone

The Complete Definitive Collection

Season 2

“You’re traveling through another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind; a journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of imagination. That’s the signpost up ahead – your next stop, the Twilight Zone.”

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Disc 3

#49Back There

Season 2 Episode 13

Original Air Date: January 13, 1961

Writer: Rod Serling

Guest Star: Russell Johnson (2nd of 2 appearances), Paul Hartman, Bartlett Robinson (1st of 2 appearances), John Lasell

Synopsis: Peter Corrigan travels back in time to the night of President Lincoln’s assassination. He tries to warn everyone of what will happen, but only two men believe him.

Impressions: I must admit John Wilkes Booth and Lincoln’s assassination are two of my favorite subjects. The casting for this episode was perfect as the actor playing Booth was a dead ringer for the assassin. This is a well written episode that would be just as good as a radio drama or in print.

Rating: 4/5


#50The Whole Truth

Season 2 Episode 14

Original Air Date: January 20, 1961

Writer: Rod Serling

Guest Star: Jack Carson

Synopsis: Used car dealer Harvey Hunnicut buys a 1938 Model A. He’s warned that it’s haunted. He doesn’t believe it until an odd change occurs in his personality.

Impressions: This episode has that Dark Shadows look to it. This might work work as a radio drama. In the end, it’s a piece of Cold War propaganda. There isn’t a lot going on in this episode. I didn’t enjoy this at all. It lacks any and all classic episode elements. I had never sen this episode before, and I wish it had stayed that way.

Rating: 1/5


#51The Invaders

Season 2 Episode 15

Original Air Date: January 27, 1961

Writer: Richard Matheson

Guest Star: Agnes Moorehead

Synopsis: A woman in a lonely farmhouse has a flying saucer land in her attic. Her terror grows as it’s crew begin to stalk her.

Impressions: The famous one woman play. Well, one woman and a few toys. Rod Serling stated that this was one of his favorite episodes. This has everything you could ask for in a Twilight Zone episode. There’s scii-fi, horror, suspense, and a great ending. The ending twist is subtle with a lone image. Perfect. Oh, and Agnes Moorehead is outstanding in this memorable performance.

Rating: 5/5


#52A Penny for Your Thoughts

Season 2 Episode 16

Original Air Date: February 3, 1961

Writer: George Clayton Johnson

Guest Star: Dick York (2nd of 2 appearances)

Synopsis: Hector B. Poole flips a coin on its edge when he buys his morning paper. This lucky flip gives him the ability to hear other people’s thoughts.

Impressions: This isn’t a bad episode. It’s above average, if not a bit more. This is a fantasy story without a real twist at the end. Still, I enjoyed it. This is an exception to the rule if you’ve been following along.

Rating: 4/5


#53Twenty Two

Season 2 Episode 17

Original Air Date: February 10, 1961

Writer: Rod Serling

Guest Stars: Barbara Nichols, Jonathan Harris (1st of 2 appearances), Fredd Wayne (1st of 2 appearances)

Synopsis: As Liz Powell lays in a hospital bed she keeps having the same nightmare involving a strange woman and the number 22. Her doctor tells her it’s a dream from a tired mind, but she’ll learn it is something more.

Impressions: This is another episode I’d never seen before, and wish it would have stayed that way. It’s shot in the Dark Shadows style. This reminds me of Perchance to Dream from the first season. The ending was decent for an otherwise boring episode. I might like it more if I hadn’t already seen it, and seen it in a better episode.

Rating: 1/5


#54The Odyssey of Flight 33

Season 2 Episode 18

Original Air Date: February 24, 1961

Writer: Rod Serling

Guest Star: John Anderson (2nd of 4 appearances)

Synopsis: Flight 33 is blown off course. When the crew tries to correct this they discover they are at the right place, but at the wrong time.

Impressions: I like this episode. I’ve seen it several times, and each time it doesn’t lose anything. There’s nothing special about it in terms of action, it would do well as a radio drama or in print. John Anderson makes a believable pilot. This is a creative, well written story. A good ending to the disc.

Rating: 5/5

Nine discs down, 19 more to go. What did we get? I enjoyed this disc. Four out of 6 episodes were 4/5 or better. The other two episodes I hated, but that’s another part of doing this, watching episodes I’ve never seen before. I know some will be good, and some won’t. With two discs left to watch in this season, I wonder how many of these episodes will wind up on the “Best Of” list. Of these six episodes, which one is your favorite?

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