Creative Writing - Prose, Thoughts

Searching for Meaning within Art


Do not search for meaning in all things. Sometimes there isn’t a meaning and forcing one to be where it isn’t found will never make it so. All this does is lessen the abstract and cheapen whatever an individual might be able to take away on their own. In their own time. In their own way. Does it really matter why Ezra Pound and T.S. Eliot are fighting in the captain’s tower? Or even where this tower is? No, not in the least. Though some will force the issue to prove intelligence or intellectualism. Sometimes there’s an obvious message, but more often than not there isn’t. These times are the most beautiful of all. Every one of us can find our own meaning. If we can’t there’s no great calamity so long as we find enjoyment in whatever it may be. No sense makes sense, and perhaps, in the grand scheme of things, no truer words were ever spoke.

Copyright © Drew Martin


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