2015 Blog in Review

I tried to post this last week, but it didn’t show up in any feeds because I used too many tags. I don’t want it to go to waste. To read a piece just click on the title.


I had trepidations about starting this blog. After much deliberation, I signed up and created the visual aspects. As the year comes to a close, I know I made a good decision. I posted my first piece on May 21, No Genre Needed. It explains my writing and acts as a mission statement. It was the first thing I wrote intended for my blog, and I’m surprised at the output I was able to generate over the course of not even a full year. This blog allowed me to gain confidence in my writing as each view, click of the like and subscribe buttons, and comment mean so much to me. I wrote more than I ever would have without this blog, and not just pieces to post. I’ve written several short stories, and I have ideas for many more. Thank you for reading, liking, subscribing, and commenting. I hope some of you have even shared pieces along the way. As 2015 comes to a close, I’ll keep writing in 2016. Come back and join me.

Top Viewed Pieces:

Furious at Microsoft & Windows 10 Downgrade Issues

Bluesman On the Corner

Magicians of the Gods Review

Writing Tip #4 – Writers Should Blog

Momma Spook – In Memoriam

No Genre Needed

Old Tobacco Road

Most Liked Pieces: (All Poetry)

Bluesman On the Corner

Under Clouds

New Cat Blues

Lord of the Flies

Texas Medicine & Railroad Gin

Copyright © Drew Martin 2015


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