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Blogging for Books Review & Initial Experience


Have you heard of Blogging for Books? Chances are the answer is no. I never heard of this program until a few weeks ago when I found it by chance one day while reading a book review another blogger posted. I found the Blogging for Books site and not having time to look at it in depth bookmarked it. Then as is often the case, I forgot. A few days later I saw a badge and disclaimer on another review. I found my bookmark and visited the site. After looking it over and joining, I thought I should review this program and give my initial experience as a member.

To begin with, this is a free program. Free to join and no shipping charges. The only payment required is a review. I’m jumping ahead. I need to explain what this program is and why it might interest a fellow blogger. Knowing it’s free can’t hurt.

Blogging for Books is a program run by The Crown Publishing Group, which is a part of Penguin Random House, LLC. The books available to review are under these labels. As the site states, “we give out review copies to bloggers, retailers, librarians, and media outlets in exchange for an honest review!” That’s all they ask for, the only payment. Not a good review or a bad review, just an honest review.

They have several categories with several books per category. The books are new releases. The program can use the reviews for promotional material. Once you select a book, they ship it for free. They give a small window during which you can’t post a review of the book you received. Once the window closes, you’re free to post the review within 90 days. You must post the review on your blog, and again on the Blogging for Books site. At the end of each review attach this disclaimer, “I received this book from the Blogging for Books program in exchange for this honest review.” Then you can choose your next book to review. You must have an active blog to participate. The blog must be public, and Facebook, Goodreads, and Twitter do not count.

As for my initial experience, I’m pleased. The book selection and number of copies available could expand. That’s my lone complaint. I joined in the early morning on a Tuesday and made my selection. Later in the day I received two emails. The first email confirmed my book request while the second email confirmed it had processed for shipping. The second email said my chosen book “should arrive via UPS Ground in the next 7-12 business days.” I got home from running errands that Friday afternoon and the package was on my front porch waiting on me. I can’t complain about the shipping time.

In closing, I think this program is worth checking out. If you blog about books, or have a blog and want to add something new, here’s a good way to get a free book now and then. I was more than pleased with the shipping time, and the copy I received. The copy is a nice, new hardcover with no promotional stickers or any other markings on it. If I come across anything negative I feel warrants a revisit to this post or a revision, I’ll do so. Until then, I can’t complain about my initial Blogging for Books experience.

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