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Library of Souls (2015) Review

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The final piece of a trilogy should be the most compelling. It’s the culmination of all that lead up to this point. That said, it should be the most dramatic and contain the most action. The novel you can’t put down or the film you can’t stop watching until the end. In fact, not only should it be, it needs to be. This is the final piece. The piece that gives an ultimate result on the fate of the characters we’ve followed and the world they live. For good or ill, we need the closure it provides. We jump in with both feet ready to follow the current, the story. No meandering. No convolutions. The time for those things has come and gone. We’ve stuck with this story arc this far and are ready for a solid, quality payoff. The final installment in a story arc should be the best effort for all these reasons and more. Again, it needs to be. If nothing else, it needs to be on par with the best of the previous two. Unfortunately, that is not what we have in the Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children trilogy finale, Library of Souls.

My issues with Library of Souls begins in the first chapter. As far as the rest of the chapters, many of them suffer from this problem, length. The chapters are entirely too long. Reading 50, 60 plus pages in a sitting isn’t a problem. The problem occurs when all those pages form a single chapter. I understand sometimes long chapters are necessary, but not each one and not this long. I like to read a chapter, then see if I have time for another. Also, I like to read a complete chapter and not stop in the middle. I did a lot of that. There’s lots of down time. Things that could be and should be cut out. Which leads me into the next issue.

Not only are the chapters too long, the novel itself is too long. There’s plenty of times when the story drags due to more time spent on certain aspects than needed. Many times I felt like the cut scenes in Monty Python and the Holy Grail yelling, “get on with it.” We followed along this far. Don’t give us a lot of extra side stuff. Give us a straight forward ending. A final conclusion to the saga we’ve followed. On to the next issue.

As this is the final novel of the trilogy the ending is more than just an ending. It’s the grand conclusion of the overall story arc. It takes forever to reach the resolution of the conflict, and once resolved, it’s a false ending. Had the novel wrapped up shortly after the resolution this would have been much, much better. Instead, we must wade through more pages of tacked on filler to reach the true ending. It’s similar to the one I think most of us wanted and/or expected. However, the true ending is nowhere near as good as if we had gotten it sooner. The ending becomes convoluted, watered down, and weak. Not the way to end a novel, and certainly not the way to end a trilogy.

I’ll write a review and recap the entire trilogy as a whole I the days to come. It’s only fair to do so. I’ve reviewed the individual pieces; I should review the complete work they form. The entire story arc. I hope you’ll join me for my final thoughts on the Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children trilogy. Click the follow button to make sure you don’t miss out.

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