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The Love of a Cat


I love all my cats. All six of them. Each one of them is my favorite in their own way. I can’t pick one over the other. It isn’t fair to them, and that’s the most important thing. I have to appreciate them for who they are, and what they offer. Nothing more, nothing less. A person can’t force a cat to fit a mold or do anything. They are similar in species and to their breed, yet are individuals to the end. More so than humans ever thought to be. Theirs is the purest form of individuality, unswayed by anything. A cat has a personality all their own. That might be the reason some people aren’t cat people. I’m a cat person, not a people person. In a room full of people, even people I know, I want to hide, skin myself alive and be invisible. A cat can’t talk, but they can communicate. They communicate with each other, and with us. A cat asks for nothing except love. The same as any person. In all honesty, the love of a cat means more than the love of a person. A cat’s love is unconditional. They don’t say things they don’t mean. The love of a dog is easy while the love of a cat is difficult. The love of a cat is a true gift. It is one pure of any and all doubt, and true in every detail.

Copyright © Drew Martin 2016


6 thoughts on “The Love of a Cat”

  1. You are exactly right. We are down to two cats now…an aging tabby named Teddy (after Theodore Roosevelt…they look so very much alike) and pyewacket who mysteriously appeared in our living room as a small kitten…we are pretty sure he came in through the dog door, but with Pye he could have simply appeared. Teddy is down-right persnickety when it comes to the granting of affection..a person really has to work at gaining his love, but once given it is a wondrous thing to behold. Pye is still a kid……..who knows how he will turn out.

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