The Three Stooges, Volume 6

The Three Stooges – The Ultimate Collection Volume 6 Disc 2 Review


The Three Stooges

The Ultimate Collection

Volume 6 1949-1951

Disc 1

Disc 2

#125Three Hams on Rye

Volume 6 Short 13

Released: September 7, 1950

Writer: Clyde Bruckman

Foils: Nanette Bordeaux, Christine McIntyre, Emil Sitka

Synopsis: Broadway extras Moe, Larry, and Shemp have the task of stopping a critic from sneaking into a show and writing another bad review.

Impressions: I’ve never seen this short before, but I’ve seen the main gag. I always enjoy watching the Stooges cook. They incorporate a gag from the earlier Uncivil Warriors and extend it as an ending sequence to reach the final scene. A good old average enjoyable short. The best of 1950. Filmed in December 1948, 630 days passed between filming and release. The longest stretch for any Stooge short.

Rating: 3/5


#126Studio Stoops

Volume 6 Short 14

Released: October 5, 1950

Writer: Elwood Ullman

Foils: Christine McIntyre, Kenneth MacDonald, Vernon Dent

Synopsis: A studio executive mistakes the Stooges as publicists and needs them to concoct a stunt to make the new actress famous overnight. They create one, but gangsters steal the idea, turning a fake incident into a real one.

Impressions: Another short that’s new to me. Things might be looking up as this short’s even better than the previous effort. A new to best for 1950. Vernon Dent gets a taste of revenge for all the Stooges have put him through by roughing up Shemp and pushing around Larry.

Rating: 4/5


#127Slaphappy Sleuths

Volume 6 Short 15

Released: November 9, 1950

Writer: Felix Adler

Foils: Stanley Blystone, Emil Sitka, Gene Roth

Synopsis: The Stooges get hired as detectives to stop a string of gas station robberies. After falling victim, they follow the trail the crooks left.

Impressions: Here’s another short I’ve never seen. It starts out with a couple of famous Stooge pun names which we haven’t seen in a while. Fuller Grime is the president of an oil company. I enjoyed this as I have the others on the back half of 1950. It’s almost making up for the first half of the year. Our old friend Stanley Blystone returns after a long absence. The last time we saw him was in 1948 if I’m not mistaken. I liked this more than I should have, but I loved the popcorn gag. It’s a new gag for a Stooge short.

Rating: 4/5


#128A Snitch in Time

Volume 6 Short 16

Released: December 7, 1950

Writer: Elwood Ullman

Foil: Jean Willes

Synopsis: The Stooges deliver furniture from their shop to a customer who runs a rooming house. No one knows her new rooms are gangsters.

Impressions: Another new to me short, but part of it I’ve seen. They perform the table painting scene from Tassels in the Air, but this time it doesn’t work. This is the most violent short of the “Shemp era.” Moe gets the majority of the abuse, and it’s at the start of the short. The year ends on a below average note, but the three before saved this from being the worst year for the Stooges. This is the final Stooge filmed in the 1940s.

Rating: 2/5


#129Three Arabian Nuts

Volume 6 Short 17

Released: January 4, 1951

Writer: Elwood Ullman

Foils: Philip Van Zandt, Vernon Dent, Dick Curtis, Wesley Bly

Synopsis: Shemp discovers a magic lamp with a genie. The trouble is Arabian thieves are after the lamp.

Impressions: One of the few shorts in this volume I’ve seen. Poor Vernon Dent gets “the business” at the Stooges warehouse and his house. Philip Van Zandt and Dick Curtis make a good villainous duo. There’s nothing “classic” here, but memorable for Shemp proclaiming he found the “genius” of the lamp.

Rating: 4/5


#130Baby Sitters Jitters

Volume 6 Short 18

Released: February 1, 1951

Writer: Felix Adler

Foils: Lynn Davis, David Windsor, Myron Healy, Margie Liszt

Synopsis: The Stooges take up babysitting when they fall behind on their rent.

Impressions: I’ve seen this short before and it’s worse than I remembered. There isn’t a lot in the way of story or slapstick. They do the old “eat soap and blow bubbles” routine. A bland and boring short.

Rating: 1/5


#131Don’t Throw That Knife

Volume 6 Short 19

Released: May 3, 1951

Writer: Felix Adler

Foils: Jean Willes, Dick Curtis

Synopsis: The Stooges job as census takers take them to the home of an attractive lady, with a jealous husband.

Impressions: This is another short I’ve never seen, and it’s not worth watching. Critics say this is director Jules White’s first awful Stooge effort. Edward Bernds outshone White in the director’s chair and the following year Bernds and producer Hugh McCollum left Columbia Pictures. White became the lone Stooge director from late 1952 to the end of the Stooges run.

Rating: 1/5


#132Scrambled Brains

Volume 6 Short 20

Released: June 7, 1951

Writer: Felix Adler

Foils: Babe London, Emil Sitka, Vernon Dent

Synopsis: Shemp’s nerves get cured, but he still sees things that aren’t there, or altered like a beautiful nurse. The nurse is there, but she’s far from beautiful.

Impressions: I wasn’t expecting much after the last short, but this was very enjoyable. Vernon Dent is “the” Stooge foil. I wonder how many times he wore cake in a Stooge short? The doll and rocking chair gag is from Laurel and Hardy’s 1940 film, Saps at Sea. Larry Fine noted this as his favorite Stooge short, and watched it repeatedly in his final days at the Motion Picture & Television Country House and Hospital. You Nazty Spy! and Cuckoo on a Choo Choo tied for second.

Rating: 4/5


#133Merry Mavericks

Volume 6 Short 21

Released: September 6, 1951

Writer: Edward Bernds

Foils: Don Harvey, Marian Martin, Paul Campbell

Synopsis: The Stooges guard money in a haunted mansion from Red Morgan and his gang.

Impressions: This is a reworked version of 1943’s Phoney Express. I didn’t care for the original, and I don’t care for the redux. Instead of Jock O’Mahoney, we get a cheap imitation.

Rating: 1/5


#134The Tooth Will Out

Volume 6 Short 22

Released: October 4, 1951

Writer: Edward Bernds

Foils: Marge Liszt, Vernon Dent

Synopsis: The Stooges open a dentists’ office in the West. Shemp is the dentist with Moe and Larry as his assistants.

Impressions: The second half of the film with the office scene was to go in the previous short. It ran long and got cut, so Bernds wrote a story around it as not to waste footage. Vernon Dent serves double duty as the professor and Shemp’s talking teeth. This is the final Stooge short for long time support Dick Curtis.

Rating: 2/5



Volume 6 Short 23

Released: November 1, 1951

Writer: Edward Bernds

Foils: Jean Willes, Kenneth MacDonald, Emil Sitka, Joy Windsor

Synopsis: The Stooges get enlisted to teach native islanders to dance. The islanders don’t want to dance, but shrink heads.

Impressions: This one is new to me. It’s also difficult to watch. Very difficult. This is a short I wish I’d never seen, and it’s a chore to watch. Producer Hugh McCollum was the director and too conservative in not allowing scenes to reach their maximum potential.

Rating: 1/5


#136Pest Man Wins

Volume 6 Short 24

Released: December 6, 1951

Writer: Felix Adler

Foils: Margie Liszt, Nanette Bordeaux, Vernon Dent, Emil Sitka

Synopsis: The Stooges are exterminators and need to find work. They decide to drum up business on their own.

Impressions: I normally love the Stooges ruining high society, except when I don’t. An example is this short, a remake of 1936’s Ants in the Pantry which I didn’t like either. There’s recycled footage from In the Sweet Pie and Pie and Half-Wits Holiday.

Rating: 1/5

Twelve discs down, eight more to go. What did we get? The first few shorts of this disc redeemed 1950. The final short brought it down again, but 1950 was looking to be the worst year in Stooge history. While we didn’t get a “classic” top rated short, there were several that were just a notch below. The year of 1951 turned out to be a less than stellar year, but it had two shorts just shy of a top rating. These last two years weren’t kind for the Stooges. I’m not looking forward to the next volume. Of these 12 shorts, which one is your favorite?

 Copyright © Drew Martin 2016


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