I’d like to introduce you to our 4th oldest cat, Rufus. This is to celebrate the day five years ago when he ran up to my wife and I in a parking lot, meowing for a home. We gave him one, and the little cat we took in turned out to be an American Burmese mix close to 25 pounds. He’s an affectionate thing, and he’s still got a lot to say. He’s his mommy’s “little feller.”

“Lost in the parking lot
Then I saw you
Knew in an instant
What I needed to do”

“So small and scared
Out on my own
Ain’t got nobody
I’m so alone”

“Lost in the parking lot
Nothing to lose
If I ask for a rescue
Can you refuse?”

Little gray cat
Ask and receive
Sometimes a miracle
Ain’t so hard to believe

Lost in the parking lot
No food or a bed
Only hard pavement
To rest your head

Then you saw an angel
Wouldn’t let her fly away
Christmas came early
On a hot summer day

Lost in the parking lot
No longer your fate
No longer wondering
How long you’d wait

That was the day
We took you in
The day that your life
Would truly begin.

Copyright © Drew Martin 2016

*The copyright extends to cover both the image and the text.


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