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Defeating Jihad (2016) Review


Dr. Sebastian Gorka is a popular fellow these days. He’s appeared on various Fox News programs, and various news programs on other channels. I’d never heard of him until I started watching Sean Hannity’s television program. It seems like he’s a guest in a segment every day. He’s also appeared on another favorite of mine, Coast to Coast AM. Why is Gorka such a sought-after guest? It has to do with these times we, as a global community, find ourselves. If there wasn’t a widespread threat on the free population of Earth, this book wouldn’t be necessary. Unfortunately, there is a threat, and it’s quite real. However, as Dr. Gorka explains in Defeating Jihad: The Winnable War, we can turn back the barbarian terrorists at our gate.

If you’ve ever watched or listened to Dr. Gorka, he’s not there to entertain. That’s not the reason for his appearance. Dr. Gorka is a serious man dealing with a serious subject. He does a masterful job of keeping everything in the correct perspective. He’s a sought-after guest because he informs and educates. That’s what he does in the pages of Defeating Jihad. Informing and educating the reader. He does so in a way everyone can follow. He doesn’t write above or below, but on the same level as the average reader. It can get dry at points, but this isn’t for entertainment purposes. If you want entertainment, read something else. The rest of us are trying to learn.

Defeating Jihad has a smooth flow and a consistent, steady pace. There’s no glossing over or glamorizing. There aren’t any rainbows or ominous black storm clouds. Dr. Gorka doesn’t go to one extreme or the other. He stays in the middle, giving an honest, rational, black and white account. Yes, the tunnel may be dark, but he’s showing us there is a light at the end. His family history is his reasoning behind writing this book. The personal account he gives in the beginning lays the groundwork for all that follows. I believe his background aids in making it a personal mission to write, inform, and educate. He knows what’s on the other side.

The main point to take away, and this is not meant as a spoiler, is this isn’t a war against a religion and its followers. Our enemy is a select group perverting and twisting certain passages to fit their own needs and ideology. The threat is clearly identified. This isn’t a flag waving, rah-rah, “shock and awe” book. Dr. Gorka’s solutions are direct, precise, and logical. They’re the same solutions America and her allies have used before to defeat other’s with a totalitarian ambition. There’s a history of victory behind them.

Dr. Gorka also explains the modern history of the jihad movement in both the Middle East and across the globe. This is where I have my one lone criticism. I wish he would have gone back and to the Crusades and showed how those “holy wars” and other medieval instances apply. I understand it would make for a much longer book. There are reading recommendations at the end, perhaps he could have included a book or two dealing with that subject. Regardless, this remains a book everyone needs to read. We might not want to read it. Perhaps we’d rather read a more entertaining book. Due to these times we find ourselves in, reading Defeating Jihad isn’t so much of a want as a need.

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