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I try not to write many personal pieces. However, this is an instance where it might be necessary. I’m not going to go into specifics, but I need to offer an explanation for my lack of activity over the last week or so. Unfortunately, life and stuff has a way of not turning out how you thought or planned. That’s what’s happened to me. As much as I’m saddened, and a plethora of other emotions, I’m trying to deal with this major life event as best I can. I never thought I’d have to, but I do. By the time Sunday rolls around, hopefully I’ll be back in a normal pattern of writing and posting, complete with a #PoetrySunday poem and Saturday’s “Week in Review.” Aside from this short entry, I plan on returning to my college football previews. I missed last week, but I should have something for the weekend ahead. Thank you for supporting my blog, and thanks even more for doing so during the down time. I know it can be easy to unfollow if there’s not a steady stream of content. I’m looking forward to writing and posting again and seeing what my favorite bloggers have been posting. Perhaps I’ll even find a new favorite or two.

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