Week in Review

Week in Review 10.30.2016-11.5.2016


Here’s what I was up to this week. A ghostly love poem for Halloween, the flash fiction piece the poem accompanies, an Ambrose Bierce collection review, a preview of the tenth week of the 2016 college football season, and an Errol Flynn/Olivia de Havilland classic film review. Click the image or the title to read the piece. If you like it, click the like the button, and if you feel inclined, leave me a comment. All feedback is welcome. I post a nice eclectic mix. Be sure to click the follow button so you don’t miss anything.

8a39a1c1be7eb5068ad9e091c2201aea10.30.2016 – Sunday – Christina (Love Poem to a Ghost) – I wrote this poem to accompany a short story I wrote earlier. It’s not the type of thing I normally write, but I like it and think it turned out well. It’s not the horror, or macabre Halloween theme. While it is a love poem, it is a love poem to a ghost.

“Christina, my dear
No reason to fear
Your secret is safe with me
I’ll keep it well
And never tell
As under lock and key…”


8a39a1c1be7eb5068ad9e091c2201aea10.31.2016 – Monday – Christina: A Haunted Love Story – I wrote this a year ago for a flash fiction contest. That’s the reason it begins as it does, just following the guidelines. I like it and had a lot of fun crafting it. This isn’t the type of story I normally create, but it does have a supernatural Twilight Zone feel and ending to it. There’s a nice twist ending, and I hope you enjoy.

“The difference is, I lie for a reason. I must. So would you in my position. Anyone would. I’m different. I lie, but I’m honest about it. That’s the truth.

These people, I don’t believe, care about the truth. Not in any way. It doesn’t suit them. Why should it? They have nothing to gain, but everything to lose from the truth. I once heard a saying. The truth will set you free. Those words speak volumes in this situation. Perhaps I’m getting ahead of myself. I’ve started everywhere, except at the beginning. I apologize and don’t mean to confuse. As for the beginning, I don’t know. That was a long time ago before I became involved. I can start from my beginning to this whole affair…”


civilwarstoriescover11.01.2016 – Tuesday – Ambrose Bierce Civil War Stories (1994) Review – Ambrose Bierce is an author lost to history in more ways than one. A lot of readers aren’t familiar with his work. This is a good place to begin. Bierce is in the same line as Poe, Lovecraft, and the Twilight Zone. If you like those authors, you might like Bierce. Some of these are recollections without the supernatural while some are the supernatural fiction pieces. His famous An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge is one of the stories.

“Ambrose Bierce. A literary figure who seems forgotten to most modern readers. Perhaps it’s the time in which he wrote and lived, or the mysterious end to his life. A fate as mysterious as many of the stories he wrote. I won’t give a complete biography, but he lived an interesting life and left the world under remarkable circumstances. I’ll let you, the reader, discover more if you so choose. If you like Poe, Lovecraft, and the Twilight Zone, there’s a good chance you’ll enjoy Bierce. He writes with an eloquent style of prose and uses a twist ending in many of his stories. In this review of his collection titled Civil War Stories, my review will be a bit different. Bierce was a Union soldier during the Civil War, and all these stories share the setting. Instead of reviewing the collection as a whole, I’ll write a short review of each individual story in the order they appear. Then I’ll try to sum the collection up at the end…”


ncaafootballlogo11.02.2016 – Wednesday – College Football 2016 Week 10 Preview – Last season I wrote a piece each week recapping the previous week of college football and previewing the following one. I enjoyed doing it and am doing it again this season. This is a preview of the tenth week and I highlight the games worth following/watching. I provide the day, along with teams, times, channels and where the game is. I also let you know the reason I thought this game qualifies.

“Week ten of the college football season is a special week. The first edition of the playoff rankings debut. The committee met, made their selections, and now we can truly begin playoff discussions. We have been, but now they hold more weight and take a more serious tone. The AP poll no longer matters. It’s all about the playoff rankings. Last weekend gave plenty of heartbreak to teams desperately trying to climb into one of those four coveted spots. None more so than Boise State, who saw their playoff dreams die in Laramie with a 30-28 loss to Wyoming. Boise State’s conference and schedule hurt them, as these other teams might recover and make a final stab at glory. Top teams getting upset on the road was a common theme as Boise State wasn’t the only team to suffer such a fate. Nebraska saw their undefeated season come to an end in Madison with a 23-17 loss to Wisconsin…”


cover11.04.2016 – Friday – They Died With Their Boots On (1941) Review – The 8th and final pairing of Errol Flynn and Olivia de Havilland. I’m taking an online film class about Westerns, and this is the film we looked at in the second week. I’m a big Flynn fan, and as I had to write a little piece about it for the class, I thought I’d write a full review in my particular style for the blog. It’s not the best film, but Flynn makes it watchable. I cover that aspect and give all the reasons.

“A film can make an actor. An actor can make a film. Sometimes it’s a perfect combination of both. The second option is true of 1941’s “classic western epic” They Died with Their Boots On. Well, that’s a bit of a stretch. It’s not a true epic, but it’s longer than a normal film length, a lot longer than I prefer. Unless, of course, it’s a true classic like Gone With the Wind. The first half takes place at West Point and during the Civil War, and the last half takes place on the Western plains, but that doesn’t make it a western. Then again, the whole story presented in the film is a bit of stretch. In fact, more than a bit. This isn’t a History Channel documentary, or A&E’s Biography series. It’s an Errol Flynn film full of “Hollywood heroics” and fictionalized accounts. It’s also not a bad film to watch…”

That’s it for this past week. What’s coming up this week? A new poem as always will be on the way Sunday. It’s one “from the archives,” but goes along with this past Friday’s film review. A preview of the eleventh week of the 2016 college football season is on deck. I’ll be reviewing Carol Burnett’s latest book about her very funny variety show. That might it for the week. I’m not sure if I can sneak something else in or not as I’ve decided to participate in NaNoWriMo2016. As always, I invite you to click the follow button so you won’t miss anything. I’ll be writing, and I hope you’ll be reading.

Copyright © Drew Martin 2016


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