The Christmas Spirit, or Lack Thereof Redux 2016


A year ago I wrote a piece titled The Christmas Spirit, or Lack Thereof. Well, friends, and readers, it’s that time of year, and once again, I lack any semblance of Christmas spirit. My reasons this time around are different, but my overall mood about the upcoming holiday is the same. I read the Christmas novel of Christmas novels, Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, and I’ll review it this week. The novel did nothing to improve my mood. I haven’t watched a single holiday special or film though I’ll watch the 1951 version of A Christmas Carol to compare with the novel. I should have watched The Grinch so many times by now. No, I’m not talking about the live action film, but the cartoon “classic” featuring the great “King” Karloff.

I don’t want to go into my reasons this year. I try not to make these pieces too personal, and I tried to cover all this a few months ago in the Life & Stuff piece.

The plethora of college football bowl games has given me somewhat of something for excitement. Let’s not kid ourselves though. No matter how good the game might be, or records that might get broken, it’s still a pre-Christmas bowl game. These bowl games are brand new, or been around for a handful of years, sponsored by companies you’ve never heard of, and feature teams no one has seen play. Teams that either made the six-win minimum to be bowl eligible or sneak in with a losing record because there’s too many bowl games and not enough teams to fill them. I can at least get lost in one bowl game a day. The exception being Christmas Day. There used to be the Blue-Gray All-Star game and a bowl from Hawaii. Now the NBA has taken over Christmas. Since Christmas falls on a Sunday, the NFL has a normal slate of games to enjoy. I always look forward to bowl season. This year, once again, it’s the only thing besides hoping the Packers make the playoffs.

I can’t be the only one feeling this way. Anyone else feel the same? Does anyone else feel like a Grumpy Cat meme? Does anybody else in here feel the way I do? If you feel the same, let me know and leave a comment. They’re always appreciated. Oh, how could I forget? Humbug.

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9 thoughts on “The Christmas Spirit, or Lack Thereof Redux 2016”

    1. The last few years I’ve had reasons for not having much holiday joy. Perhaps next year might be different. It’s good to realize we aren’t the only ones and there are others who feel the same. That’s one reason why I wrote the piece. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

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  1. I read you loud and clear. I guess my memories of Christmas from my childhood are too good. I find myself thinking that all of the effort I could make with the baking, the parties, the decorating, would still not be enough to even come close to that expectation. I was laid off this year, my relationship with my spouse is not that great, my adult children don’t like him so they avoid spending time with me. Frankly, I just feel like nothing I could do to try to get into the spirit would be enough to forget about what a shitty year it has been.

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  2. I wouldn’t say I feel scroogey around Christmas, but it’s true the magic has worn off to be replaced with stress as I age. This year was better than most because, due to budgetary and time constraints, I let myself off the hook and really focused on just getting a few presents for the very important people in my life. But I also never really felt like Christmas was happening, and I do miss that anticipation.

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