Week in Review

Week in Review 12.18.2016-12.24.2016


Here’s what I was up to this week. Yellow Brick Roads in the Snow, one of many poems I’ve written inspired by the magical land of Oz. The Christmas Spirit, or Lack Thereof Redux 2016 covering my mood around the holidays. I review the Charles Dickens’ Christmas favorite, A Christmas Carol. I review the 1951 British adaptation of A Christmas Carol with Alastair Sim as Scrooge. Click the image or the title to read the piece. If you like it, click the like the button, and if you feel inclined, leave me a comment. All feedback is welcome. I post a nice eclectic mix. Be sure to click the follow button so you don’t miss anything.

yellowbrickroadsinthesnow12.18.2016 – Sunday – Yellow Brick Roads in the Snow – I still can’t believe I came across an actual photograph to go along with this poem. I wrote this several years ago, and to be honest, the reception disappointed me. If you haven’t read this Wizard of Oz inspired poem, please take a look. If you like Oz, you should like this short poem.

“Walkin’ down yellow brick roads in the snow
Just keep walkin’, don’t know which way to go
No road signs, it all looks the same
Snow’s a lot better than the pourin’ rain..”


Wake-me-when-its-over12.19.2016 – Monday – The Christmas Spirit, or Lack Thereof Redux 2016 – Last year I wasn’t in the Christmas and wrote a piece about my feelings. A year later, it’s the same feeling, but the reasons are different. If you feel the same, relax, you aren’t the only one who feels this way. After you read the piece, be sure to read the comments for proof of others out there lacking in the Christmas Spirit.

“A year ago I wrote a piece titled The Christmas Spirit, or Lack Thereof. Well, friends, and readers, it’s that time of year, and once again, I lack any semblance of Christmas spirit. My reasons this time around are different, but my overall mood about the upcoming holiday is the same. I read the Christmas novel of Christmas novels, Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, and I’ll review it this week. The novel did nothing to improve my mood. I haven’t watched a single holiday special or film though I’ll watch the 1951 version of A Christmas Carol to compare with the novel. I should have watched The Grinch so many times by now. No, I’m not talking about the live action film, but the cartoon “classic” featuring the great “King” Karloff…”


achristmascarolcover12.20.2016 – Tuesday – A Christmas Carol (1843) Review – Charles Dickens’ Christmas novel to end all Christmas novels. It’s a holiday favorite, but is it a “classic”? I enjoyed it, but calling it a “classic” is another issue. I explain my feelings on both, and which version I’d purchase.

“A Christmas Carol. The Christmas novel of all Christmas novels. Let’s be honest with each other and ourselves. Due to the countless number of film adaptations which we’ve all seen a few of, and probably more than once, we know the characters and the story without having read a single page. Well, in my search for new books to read, and being the appropriate season, I read more than a single page. I read all of them. There really aren’t that many. It’s a rather short novel, and by today’s standards might be more of a novella. Once again, we have another one of those “classics” I wanted to judge for myself. I also wanted to see what Charles Dickens’ original story was before Hollywood. Turns out I was able to complete both tasks, and I discovered the reason a “ghost story” is a beloved Christmas favorite…”


 achristmascarol195112.22.2016 – Thursday – A Christmas Carol (1951) ReviewIt’s a holiday favorite, but is it a classic? Is Alastair Sim a worthy Ebenezer Scrooge? Is it any good? Have no fear dear readers, I answer each of these questions, and I explain my reasons for answering them as I do. The answers might surprise you, but shouldn’t if you’ve read any of my prior reviews.

“A Christmas Carol. Charles Dickens’ Christmas novel to end all Christmas novels. It’s a holiday favorite and has seen more than its fair share of adaptations on both stage and screen since its publishing in 1843. I’m a fan of reading a novel, then finding a film version to compare and contrast. Sometimes the task is easy because there’s only one film to watch. A Christmas Carol presents a problem as there’s so many versions from short cartoons, longer cartoons, Muppets, and a host of live action films. The one I chose to watch, compare, and review is from 1951. This version is a British film and when released the original title was Scrooge. Alastair Sim stars in the title role…”

That’s it for this past week. What’s coming up this week? Since Christmas falls on a Sunday, there won’t be a #PoetrySunday poem this week. The following Sunday is New Years, and there won’t be a poem then either. I’ll have a recap of all the pre-Christmas bowl games with scores and how I fared in my picks. I’ll have a review of my final book of the year. It’s a non-fiction book about the Crusades. I’ll take a look back on my GoodReads Reading Challenge for 2016. Finally, I’ll be taking a look back on the year with some form of Year in Blog Review. There might be something else squeezed in as well. As always, I invite you to click the follow button so you won’t miss anything. I’ll be writing, and I hope you’ll be reading.

Copyright © Drew Martin 2016


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