This God


For six long days they fought
Neither side gave way
Until the sun was setting
On the fateful final day
Then the sky opened
To allow the strangest sight
A craft known to Ezekiel
Hovered in the night
Both sides dropped their shields and swords
What were they to do?
Against this terror from a realm
No one ever knew
Are we blessed or are we cursed?
Which one is our fate?
Is this god ours or theirs?
How long must we wait?
The dying prayed diversion
From the reaper’s hand
Along with those who fell before
Strewn about the land
Yet this was not to be
The dying slowly died
And no one knew for certain
If this god was on their side
As the new dawn broke
Across the battlefield
The combatants regained weapons
But not the will to yield.

Copyright © Drew Martin 2017


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