Rome: Rise and Fall of an Empire, Television

Rome: Rise & Fall of an Empire (2008)


Ah, the History Channel, back when it focused on history. The “good ol’ days,” before the reality lineup of pawners, pickers, forgers, and mechanics. I know I say every time I review something from the History Channel’s “glory years” I need to write something about the programming changes and fall of my once favorite network. Again, that must wait as I’ll be writing about another fall from grace. In 2008, the History Channel debuted a 13-hour documentary in the style and presentation of their “classic” documentaries. Broken down into 13-hour length parts, Rome: Rise and Fall of an Empire features the trademark mix of live action, narration, and academic talking heads.

I took Latin in high school, and along with the language, my teacher inserted a lot of history into the lessons. It was one of my favorite classes each year and gave me a deep interest in all things concerning ancient Rome. I’ve seen a few episodes throughout the years, but never the entire production in order. Recently, I acquired the DVD set of four discs, and I’ll be watching and reviewing the discs and episodes in order. I hope you’ll join me as Rome rises into an empire from the old republic until its eventual fall many centuries later.

This isn’t one of those one and done season’s I complain about sometimes. Rome: Rise and Fall of an Empire isn’t so much a mini-series as a long documentary split into parts to make it watchable. Here’s the 13 parts in order.

  • The First Barbarian War
  • Spartacus
  • Julius Caesar
  • The Forest of Death
  • The Invasion of Britain
  • Dacian Wars
  • Rebellion and Betrayal
  • Wrath of the Gods
  • The Soldier’s Emperor
  • Constantine the Great
  • The Barbarian General
  • The Puppet Master
  • The Last Emperor

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