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Shapeshifters (2017) Review


Ever since I was a young boy, I’ve had an interest in the paranormal. I can thank Robert Stack and Unsolved Mysteries. Of course, like everything else, some aspects hold more interest than others. Also, like everything else, well, most things at least, there’s always more to learn. I’ve not heard a lot about shapeshifters, and I don’t think I’m alone. Sure, we all know werewolves, vampires, and maybe even a witch or two. There’s more to the phenomenon than good ideas for Halloween costumes. In his upcoming 2017 book, Shapeshifters: Morphing Monsters & Changing Cryptids, Nick Redfern opens our minds to many shapeshifting beings, as well as a few we may know with a different twist. Redfern’s graced many documentaries and television series’, notably the History Channel’s MonsterQuest and Ancient Aliens, so he does have a few qualifications.

Shapeshifters is a fun read. That is, if you’re into this type of thing. It’s short, and easy to read. The shapeshifting phenomenon doesn’t get a lot of coverage, even in paranormal circles. Redfern gives a crash course on the phenomenon and offers introductions to many beings from all over the globe. As with most things involving the paranormal, they aren’t specific to one locale. A particular entity might inhabit a specific location, but there’s something similar in a distant land.

As with books of this kind with a main theme and several parts, it can be difficult to keep track of the who’s and where’s. Shapeshifters suffers from this, but Redfern does his best in keeping everything organized. He does go back and forth at times, but it’s because he’s almost forced to do so. Another fallback is some beings receive more attention than others. I will say Redfern’s informative, and he recounts many a good tale. I commend him for not rehashing the more “mainstream” or “popular” stories most might know already. Redfern’s writing style here is a cause for consideration. He’s written many books, and I’d like to read a bunch of them. In Shapeshifters, at times, he comes across as trying to be too cute, too clever. Just the facts and accounts are fine for me. I don’t need any extra “cheekiness” so to speak.

So, after all that, should you read Shapeshifters? Yes, if you’re into the study of the paranormal. Like I said at the beginning, it’s a fun little book, and informative. Redfern knows his subjects, and you can tell he’s got a true love and passion for it. As of this writing, the official release date is September 8, 2017.

*I received this as an uncorrected eBook galley from in exchange for this honest review.

Copyright © Drew Martin 2017


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