The Pitfalls of Poetry & Photography


Poetry and photography. Two popular blog categories which share the same pitfalls. To be honest, they’re in a tie for most popular. The popularity is the key pitfall, the main obstruction in getting your post the views, likes, and overall appreciation it deserves. What causes the popularity? How can we, as dedicated bloggers, overcome it and find our place to get our posts recognized? Allow me to offer a few insights and try to answer these questions.

I think the main reason for the popularity is the ease in creating content. A person can write many poems in a single day. A person can take many photographs in a single day. The content’s created with a minimum amount of effort. This leads to another issue as bloggers feel compelled to post multiple pieces a day. This adds to the swell, burring other posts. It’s counter intuitive as it buries their previous posts as well.

So, how do we overcome the pitfalls? How do we dig our posts out and try to let them breath again? As far as I know, there’s only one answer, and it only works on the day of posting. I’ll be doing another piece where I go into the process in more detail, but the answer is to repost. By repost, I mean reschedule. I’ve been playing around with this idea for the last few weeks, and I wish I’d thought of it sooner. However, WordPress’ scheduler and tag finder failed often, but with the latest site updates things seem to be improving.

Reschedule. Once. Twice. As many times as you like, but space them out. Even this can be tricky and complicated. Have no fear fellow bloggers, I’m working on a guide to simplify the process. It might not be for everyone, but it’s been working so far for me. Don’t fear the pitfalls of popular blog categories. Help is on the way.

Copyright © Drew Martin 2017

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  1. Candia says:

    I think well-crafted poems may take a much longer time to produce…. Also, sometimes I think the photograph is stunning, but the poem is poor and struggle to put a ‘like’ on the image when I think the poem is sub-standard. When the two work together, the impact is very successful.

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  2. TechieInAk says:

    Poetry, not my cup of tea I’m afraid. I’m a bit “tone deaf” in that department. But, the reposting suggestion is good advice.

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    1. Drew Martin says:

      I hope to have a guide next week.

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  3. Thank you for sharing, can’t wait to hear more.

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  4. I try to keep my poetry posts to one a day at most, mainly because I don’t want there to be so many of them that they fall through the cracks or start just getting ignored. I subscribe to some poet/photography bloggers and sometimes they do post so much in a day it is hard to see it all and enjoy it the way it deserves. If any of you get a chance, please stop by my blog and see what I’ve been up to!

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    1. Drew Martin says:

      It can get to be a bit much when people “spam” with many posts throughout the day hiding posts from other bloggers you follow.


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