A Guide to Rescheduling Posts


As I wrote about in The Pitfalls of Poetry & Photography, we all want our posts to get as many views as possible. Poetry and photography appear to be the two most popular categories/tags. This has to do with the ease of creating content, and some bloggers post multiple pieces a day, adding to the overall clutter and burial of the posts which came before them. Fear not fellow bloggers, there’s a solution. I promised one, and here it is. A simple concept, but one which can get a bit tricky. There’s no need to delete and repost to get more views and likes. That course of action defeats the purpose. All one needs to do is reschedule the day’s post. I’ll tell you how to do it, and it’s a good idea regardless of the category/tag of your post.

Rescheduling is an easy and simple process, but there’s a key point or two to keep in mind. First, I’ll explain the process. After that, I’ll explain what to keep in mind. It’ll make more sense to do it in that order.

WordPress allows us to schedule posts at certain times. I’ve had my issues scheduling and having the posts appear in the reader, but with the latest updates to the site everything seems to be working. Since everyone’s different, on a different schedule, and in a different time zone, I’ll explain how I schedule, then reschedule. This way, each of you can adapt to suit your own needs.

I’m in the United States, and in the Eastern time zone. Each day I have a post, I schedule it for around 8:15 in the morning. I work nights, so when I wake up around 1:30 in the afternoon, several hours have passed for my post to get exposure. I go to my post for the day and click the edit option. The next step is click the calendar, and I change the time for 2 in the afternoon. Then click update and click the button again when it changes to schedule. You have to click the button twice after changing the time, and after the second time a green bar appears telling you everything is ready. Make sure you click the same button twice and you see the green bar. Repeat as necessary.

Now, here’s a very key piece to remember. I can’t stress this enough. When you reschedule, the post isn’t live anymore. It’s taken down until your new time arrives. You can’t schedule, then reschedule back to back. Reschedule a few hours later each time and make the new time close to when the scheduling change occurs. The time has to be on the same day, and in the future. Selecting a time that’s passed defeats the purpose.

There you go. It’s that simple. I normally schedule and follow with a reschedule. On Sunday’s when I post poetry, I’ll reschedule an extra time or two because I’m not working and have time to do it at my choosing. I hope this helps, and I wish I’d thought of this rescheduling process sooner. Good luck fellow bloggers in all your future posting endeavors.

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9 thoughts on “A Guide to Rescheduling Posts”

  1. Have you thought about using the WordPress Plugin Revive Old Post? You can use it to schedule reshares of your old posts on social media. It has the advantage of your posts still being live when you reshare them, and you choose which posts and which schedule.

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