Hey WordPress, Let Us Sort Posts by Likes


Whenever I’ve devoted a thought piece to WordPress, it’s been a negative rant due to incompetence on their part ruining the blogging experience. This won’t be one of those. There’s nothing negative here. Instead, I had an idea to improve the WordPress experience, and I wanted to share it with the community. Hopefully, a lot of you feel the same way and WordPress hears the cry, and makes what I believe would be an easy fix, but one with a great benefit to the user. Hey WordPress, let us sort posts by likes.

For those who don’t know, the WP Admin has a great list of features and analytics for your blog. If you click on Posts, you’ll see every piece you’ve ever posted. You can sort by category, date, and even number of comments. However, you can’t sort by likes. Why not? It seems like such an easy thing to be able to do. Why is it important?

In May, I celebrated my second year of blogging. I post across several categories and wanted to give a list of my most popular pieces in each one. However, I couldn’t do that. I couldn’t do it overall, by year, or by category. Maybe you might want to do an end of the month piece highlighting your most popular pieces. You can’t do it. We should be able to do it.

WordPress, if we can sort posts by other filters, why not likes as well? It’s a positive action, and one with a great benefit to the WordPress user. You can do it WordPress. Let us sort posts by likes.

Copyright © Drew Martin 2017

13 thoughts on “Hey WordPress, Let Us Sort Posts by Likes”

  1. I’ve wondered (briefly) about why the WP reader doesn’t provide an option to sort posts by popularity (most likes, most comments).

    But one of the things I’ve come to enjoy most is that I’m always exposed to new bloggers, and the latest posts. What do you think about WP Reader?

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