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Summer 2017


The mountains know the season, but so far, this current summer is unusual. Summer brings a vibrant green to cover the mountains, and with the beautiful hue comes a sweltering heat. The hue is here, on full display for all to see and enjoy. Yet, so far, the heat has stayed hidden, concealed behind some strange barrier. Only now are the days reaching beyond 80 degrees, and the nights hold steady without dropping. The mountains witnessed summer nights falling to the first degrees of 50, and on more than one occasion dropping below that threshold. These are strange times indeed, and the mountains and their people aren’t unaccustomed to the weather. Damn global warming as summer nights falling below 50 degrees are unheard of here. The night chill is for early in the spring or late in the fall, not summer. No. Not now. Though it is, and so are we, and the mountains as well.

Copyright © Drew Martin 2017


3 thoughts on “Summer 2017”

  1. I really enjoyed your pictures and the writings along with them. The mountains are beautiful. Thank you for sharing. I followed so I could see more. If you get a chance can you check out my blog and a few of the poems/writings I have done. Thank you!

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