TCM Presents The Master of Suspense: 50 Years of Hitchcock (2017) Review


Over the past six weeks I’ve been taking a free on-line class, but a class where the focus is on a fun learning experience more than a grade. Thanks to the platform, which offers a large variety of free on-line classes, I was able to participate in my second class offered by TCM. Yes, TCM, Turner Classic Movies. They offer a yearly course to go along with a big celebration getting showcased on the channel. Last year dealt with slapstick comedy. It was fun, but with so much to fit into a short time frame I felt a lot got left out as far as what I wanted to learn. This year, the class had a narrower scope, Alfred Hitchcock. The narrow scope made for a better experience, and while I’m not a huge Hitch fan, TCM Presents The Master of Suspense: 50 Years of Hitchcock gave me a better understanding and appreciation of the famed director.

Ball State professor Richard L. Edwards was our guide through the films of Alfred Hitchcock. He’s knowledgeable and has a command of himself in front of the camera. During the class, several short videos feature Edwards and fellow Ball State professor Wes Gehring discussing various periods of Hitchcock’s career and the films within them. It’s easy to see Edwards has a true love of film and wants to instill that love in the students along with the knowledge. He participates with the students on Twitter, and his live tweeting during certain films adds to the experience. Due to my work schedule, I could only catch the live tweeting during The Man Who Knew Too Much, and even participated myself.

I introduced my friend and fellow blogger Gary Loggins to the class. He reviews classic films over at crackedrearviewer, so be sure to check out his blog. He’s a noted Hitch fan, and when I asked for a short quote on his experience he was quick to respond. “This fun, informative course gave me a deeper appreciation of Hitchcock’s movies. As a classic film blogger, it helped inspire some great new post ideas.” If you want a crash course on Hitchcock, Gary’s got several film reviews up over the past few weeks including key information we learned in the class.

Gary’s 100% correct. TCM Presents The Master of Suspense: 50 Years of Hitchcock was fun, and I learned a lot. There’s a big world beyond the Alfred Hitchcock Presents television series and Psycho. That’s what I was most familiar with, and I think that also holds true for most people. I don’t know when the next TCM class takes place or what the subject is, but if you’re interested follow TCM and Richard L. Edwards on Twitter for updates. It probably won’t be until next summer, but the class is well worth the wait. While you’re at it, follow Gary and myself on Twitter as well, and our blogs. You never know when you might get introduced to a new favorite.

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