Cracked Rear Viewer’s 3rd Annual “Halloween Havoc!” Spotlight


For some, October means the true arrival of autumn. A time when leaves change color and fall to litter the ground. The weather begins to cool reminding us summer is far behind and winter is on the rise. Of course, October is a month of scares and screams with Halloween at the end of the month, but festivities spread throughout. October also marks a special film festival hosted by my friend and fellow blogger Gary Loggins over at his blog, Cracked Rear Viewer. This month, he’ll be hosting his third annual “Halloween Havoc!” and I’d like to shine a spotlight on the month-long event.

If you don’t already follow Gary at Cracked Rear Viewer, you should. It’s a film blog, a classic film blog, and in a normal week he offers three to four classic film reviews along with the occasional book review, one-hit wonder feature, and look at those bit actors of yesteryear whose faces you know, but not the names. However, all that changes in October. For his “Halloween Havoc!” film festival, Gary has a film review each and every day. Yes, a month full of fright for us film fans. He’s been working hard on this labor of love since June. In his own words, we’ll get “classics, not-so classics, and a few surprises.”

If you like classic films, and in this case horror films, you need to follow Cracked Rear Viewer and attend “Halloween Havoc!” You never know what new favorite film you might discover, and there’ll be plenty of recommendations to try. Last year, Gary told me to check out a lost Bela Lugosi gem called Mark of the Vampire. I loved the film and reviewed it. I can guarantee Gary will have something for everyone if not a few things of interest.

You can follow Cracked Rear Viewer on Facebook and Gary on Twitter. While you’re there, take a minute to join me on Facebook and Twitter as well.

Copyright © Drew Martin 2017

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