Week in Review

Week in Review 6.17.2018-6.23.2018


Here’s what I was up to this week. I started the week with a brand-new poem, To See Your Sunday Morning. I explain my two-week hiatus from the blog in Life & Stuff X: Where the Hell Have I Been? This week featured a double review of the same work, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. I reviewed both the 1971 book and the 1998 film. Click the image or the title to read the piece. If you like it, click the like the button, and if you feel inclined, leave me a comment. All feedback is welcome. I post a nice eclectic mix. Be sure to click the follow button so you don’t miss anything.


6.17.2018 – Sunday – To See Your Sunday Morning – This poem is brand-spankin’-new. I wrote it a week ago listening to one of my friend’s radio recordings with his band. There’s a lot of depth here, and starts out negative, a bit, but ends with a positive hope for everyone. Regardless of what’s been going on in your life this year, check this out.

“To see your Sunday morning
On a January day
Back when all you knew
Was desolate and gray
But that was way back when
Long before the thaw
Hidin’ in an empty shell
Like a broken-down outlaw…”


6.18.2018 – Monday – Life & Stuff X: Where the Hell Have I Been? – I’ve been M.I.A. for the last few weeks on my blog, and I explain the reason behind my absence, and how it became a positive thing. There isn’t much more to say, I left it all in the piece.

“Hello, dear friends and readers. I’m back, and yes, I missed my blog, and I missed you. I didn’t intend, plan, or even want my hiatus. It happened, and I think it was a positive experience. The reason behind my lack of posting is a joyous event I hopefully hinted at in a previous installment of this series. I found a nice, little, pet friendly apartment, and I moved. I’m still working on getting settled, and I need furniture. Still, I have my own place, and it’s been a stressful time. Thanks for being patient with me…”


6.19.2018 – Tuesday – Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1971) Review – The epic masterpiece by the late, great Hunter S. Thompson. A true classic. I love this book. It’s an all-time favorite. It’s an easy entry into my top 3 favorites on my bookshelf. There’s the celebrated top shelf, then there’s a scared shelf where only a few have a spot. That’s where you’ll find Fear and Loathing.

“I have so much to write about this book, the man who wrote it, and what they both mean to me. Huge impacts on my life, both the work and the author. The high-water mark as Hunter S. Thompson writes at one point thinking back on the 1960s in 1971’s epic masterpiece, a true classic (and you know I don’t toss that word around a lot), Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Where to begin? Before I knew there was a book, I saw the film one random night as a freshman in college and immediately fell in love. When I found out it was a book first, at least 25 years before the film, I bought it. The book changed my life, and while some people may point to On the Road as a definitive life changing work, for me it’s Fear and Loathing. It made me focus more on my writing and take it serious as art. This, dear friends and readers, is a true top-rated, top-shelf, all-time favorite…”


6.22.2018 – Friday – Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1998) Review – Everything I just wrote about the book review, all that applies here. Just substitute book for film. I love this film. It’s a true classic.

“Pretty much everything I wrote in my review of Hunter S. Thompson’s 1971 book Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas holds true for the 1998 film adaptation directed by Terry Gilliam. Yes, from Monty Python. The same. Fear in Loathing in Las Vegas, for me, is a life changing film. I saw it for the first time on a random night in a dorm room as a college freshman a few years after the initial release. Everybody seems to either love or hate this film, nothing in between, and I fell in love instantly from the opening scene. I wouldn’t read the book for the first time until a bit later, but both have a special place on their respective shelves. It’s not easy to review a film that in a way changed my life and made me focus on my writing as serious art, genres be damned. Like the book, the film stands as a top-rated, top-shelf all-time favorite…”

That’s it for this past week. What’s coming up this week? A poem will be on the way as usual on Sunday. I even know which poem this time. A brand-new bit of whimsical lyrical nonsense. The question remains as to what the rest of the week holds. I’ve got the blog running again, but I’m still not settled enough to have anything planned. There’ll be content, but it’ll be touch and go for a while. I’m as excited as you are to see what I’ll post. As always, I invite you to click the follow button so you won’t miss anything. I’ll be writing, and I hope you’ll be reading.

Copyright © Drew Martin 2018


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