Ancient Aliens: The Companion Book (2016) Review

As some of you know, I’m a HUGE fan of the History Channel series Ancient Aliens. In 2016, the series’ producers put out a book, Ancient Aliens: The Official Companion Book. It’s been on my Amazon wish list for a while. Back in December 2020, I made a post of 10 new books I’d like to read in 2021. I not only read this one, but got my own copy. Sort of, in a way. The print version may be out of print, as Amazon had third-party options near $50. A Kindle edition was $5 or $6. Sold. I wasn’t sure what to expect or what I’d get in these pages. I’m glad I didn’t shell out for a print copy. Not that Ancient Aliens: The Official Companion Book is a bad read. I liked it, but it’s a solid third shelf selection.

Producer Kevin Burns writes the foreword. He introduces both the origins of the series and the book. Instead of being an actual book, it’s broken into 15 segments. Each segment is on a different topic, as told by a different cast member. These segments feature transcribed interviews conducted for the series. The main man, Erich von Daniken, leads. His main disciple, Giorgio A. Tsoukalos, gets three topics and David Hatcher Childress gets two. To me, each topic gets enjoyment from both the subject and cast member and how interested you are in either or both. There’s plenty of images, but they aren’t remarkable in the Kindle edition. Also, many topics contain “aside” pieces. I’m not sure if they wrote these or more transcriptions, but they break up the flow while reading the main piece in the Kindle edition. Maybe Ancient Aliens: The Official Companion Book reads better in print, but I’m not paying that much for a copy now I know what I’m getting.

Foreword by series producer Kevin Burns


  1. “Ezekiel’s Wheel” Erich von Daniken
  2. “The Egyptian Connection” Giorgio A. Tsoukalos
  3. “The Mysteries of Peru” David Hatcher Childress
  4. “The Great Puzzle of Puma Punku” Giorgio A. Tsoukalos
  5. “The Cradle of Alien Civilization” Jason Martell
  6. “Temples of Blood and Gold” David Hatcher Childress
  7. “The Megaliths” Giorgio A. Tsoukalos
  8. “Legends of the Lost” Philip Coppens
  9. “Powerful Relics and Sacred Talismans” Kathleen McGowan
  10. “The Powers of Myth” Jonathan Young
  11. “God’s Magic Box” Rabbi Ariel Bar Tzadok
  12. “The World Grid” David Wilcock
  13. “The Roswell Files” Linda Moulton Howe
  14. “Objects in the Sky” Nick Pope
  15. “Stargates” William Henry

Copyright © Drew Martin 2021

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