Black Sabbath: Sabotage (1975) Review

Deep in the throes of a bitter legal battle with former manager Patrick Meehan, Black Sabbath recorded their sixth album, and one worthy of top-rated, top-shelf status. Sabotage hit record store shelves on July 28, 1975. Another Vertigo release produced by Tony Iommi and Mike Butcher and recorded at London, England’s Morgan Studios in February and March 1975.

Top-rated? Top-shelf? Yeah, I’m surprised myself. Of the eight tracks on Sabotage, two are near 10 minutes apiece. Those two don’t feel long, and neither does the 43:44 total play time, squeezing into my perfect album listening length. Paranoid gets the praise, but Sabotage is on par, but without most of it being “greatest hits.” Favorite? Christ, how to choose? “Hole in the Sky.” “The Thrill of It All.” “Symptom of the Universe.” With two albums to go in this review project, Sabotage will be hard to top.

*All songs by Black Sabbath (Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler, Bill Ward, and John “Ozzy” Osbourne).

  1. Hole in the Sky
  2. Don’t Start (Too Late)
  3. Symptom of the Universe
  4. Megalomania
  5. The Thrill of It All
  6. Supertzar
  7. Am I Going Insane (Radio)
  8. The Writ

Copyright © Drew Martin 2021

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