A CBD Strain Review: Legendary (Wilted Flowers)

I like trying strains I like from other companies. For some unknown reasons, all strains, even of the same type, aren’t equal. Today, we’ll be looking at a strain from my first purchase from Wilted Flowers. They’ve got a Tennessee address on the package, but the tracking shows it originated around Detroit. I have no idea where they are. I do know they specialize in bulk outdoor strains at budget prices. Outside strains normally means seeds, and Wilted Flowers are up front about that on their website. I bought an ounce of Legendary for $25, with a flat $5 shipping fee. An ounce for $30 overall is hard to beat.

Legendary is an Indica Hybrid strain. It’s a mystery strain as to the genetics, but at the center of the strain appears to be OG Kush. Wilted Flowers Legendary sits at 17.99% CBD. An ounce is 28 grams, and mine came in at 28.6 grams. The website says each order will weigh more to compensate for their being seeds. I expected that to mean a few more grams, not barely over the limit. After going through a few buds, I’ve already got a collection of seeds.

Wilted Flowers ships in sealed Mylar bags, and my order came in a bubble mailer. The order was also vacuum sealed to help protect the buds. It worked. None of these buds were flat. Legendary can have hints of purple as the bud on the site shows. I didn’t get any purple in mine. That’s ok. These buds are dark green with reddish hairs/pistils, and have a kiefy appearance. I got quality size buds in my ounce. These are dense and sticky.

I never get any sort of taste from CBD. That’s probably just me, as I’ve seen other reviewers go on and on about taste. This Legendary has a strange smell. A pine, almost sweet pine, with floral notes. There’s a slight Trix cereal vibe, and once you grind it, the Trix smell comes on to dominate. I like Trix, but it’s weird for a plant to have that smell, especially after grinding.

This Legendary isn’t as strong as the CBD percentage would suggest. Fourth shelf status. I tried another company’s Legendary, and that’s what made me try this. I do like it though. Effects wise, for me it’s a creeper. That means you have to take a few hits before it hits you. Just when you think you aren’t getting anything, you notice. A nice, relaxing strain, without a lot of Indica fog. I’m an Indica guy, so I don’t mind the fog, but sometimes I want Indica body vibes with clarity. I get that with this Legendary. For the price, you can’t beat it. There’s no reason not to get some of this Legendary, or your favorite strain if Wilted Flowers has it in stock. I got a sample of another strain in my order, and that seems to be the norm with Wilted Flowers. They’ll be staying in the CBD purchasing rotation.

Copyright © Drew Martin 2021

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