Ollie’s Book Haul (November 2021)

Ollie’s? Have you heard of it? Got one close to you? It’s like a “big box” discount store. Not a dollar type store. Maybe more like a Big Lots! My mom used to take me to that last one all the time when I was a kid. Dragged is probably the better word. My girlfriend loves Ollie’s. We found one close to me, and a few weeks ago while doing the weekly shopping, decided to stop and let me see the “wonder.” As soon as we walked in, there was a pretty decent book section. That’s what we’re dealing with in this piece. A book haul from Ollie’s. So, let me tell you what I found. As soon as I walked by, I saw the complete H.P. Lovecraft hardback that got stolen. Better yet, it was half-price of what Amazon lists. Like 1,00 pages. Score. Right next to it, another 1,00 page tome in hardback, a complete Edgar Allan Poe.Baby, go get a buggy. To round it out, I also found an “autographed copy” of “Good Ol’ J.R.” Jim Ross’ first autobiography. Not only did I clean three books off my Amazon list, but I did it for like half the price, even more on Ross’ book. So, what exactly did I get that I’m excited about, and how much did I save? Also, two of these books are possible Halloween blog project review.

The Complete Fiction of H.P. Lovecraft (Chartwell Books Edition)

Amazon: $14.99

Ollie’s: $7.99

Savings: $7

Edgar Allan Poe: Complete Tales & Poems (Castle Books Edition)

Amazon: $8.97 hardback/$14.99 paperback

Ollie’s: $7.99

Savings: $0.98/$7

Slobberknocker: My Life in Wrestling by Jim Ross

Amazon: $17.99

Ollie’s: $3.99

Savings: $14

Yes, dear friends and readers, I believe I’ll be going back to Ollie’s every so often, if not sooner, to check out the book section and see what I can find. Score.

Copyright © Drew Martin 2021

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