Squidbillies Season 1 (2005) Review

I remember seeing the promos for a new Adult Swim series back in 2005 called Squidbillies. Tales of the last population of Appalachian mud squids in the north Georgia mountains. I got hooked early, no pun intended. How can you not love Early Cuyler, especially if you’re from Appalachia and aren’t like him, but know plenty of people who are? There isn’t much to write about the first season. A brief, six-episode season that’s quality fourth shelf stuff. Every episode rate at least a “3/5” or higher. Most are higher. The theme, by Billy Joe Shaver, is a perfect fit. How to pick a favorite episode? I’ll go with the opener. It hooked me and brought me in by giving a quality introduction to the Cuyler clan. I hope the next season is just as good.

  1. “This Show is Called Squidbillies” October 16, 2005 5/5
  2. “Take This Job and Love It” October 23, 2005 4/5
  3. “School Days, Fool Days” October 30, 2005 4/5
  4. “Chalky Trouble” November 6, 2005 3/5
  5. “Family Trouble” November 13, 2005 3/5
  6. “Office Politics Trouble” November 20, 2005 4/5

Copyright © Drew Martin 2021

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