Life & Stuff VIII: A Year at Work


For those of you who don’t know, my Life & Stuff series is a more personal series I roll out installments of when there’s a big event going on in my life. Today, May 22, 2018, marks my one-year anniversary at my current job. I covered my first week in my second installment, A Week at Work. In the first year I haven’t missed a day, come in late, or left early. Last week, I received my final raise which means I’m now at the top of the pay scale and I can only look forward to a once a year cost-of-living increase. More importantly, now I’ve made it a year, I get a week of paid vacation. Continue reading “Life & Stuff VIII: A Year at Work”


My Third Year of Blogging – A Milestone Anniversary


I’m coming up on a milestone anniversary as a blogger. My blog, Drew Martin Writes, will turn three years old on Monday, May 21, 2018. The first piece I posted, No Genre Needed, went up on that date three years ago. The first piece was in effect a mission statement. It explained why my blog wouldn’t have a set theme or genre, and why I didn’t want it to have one. More than explain my blogging philosophy, this piece explains my overall writing philosophy. To be honest, it covers any art form as far as I’m concerned. I still stand by it, every last word. This celebratory piece marks my 763rd post. I’m proud to see my blog still going strong. It was a struggle in 2015 when it didn’t appear I was getting readers as the views were low. Since the start of 2016, I experienced a sizeable growth, more growth than I ever expected, continuing on and even surpassing those numbers in 2017 and continuing on into 2018. For all you new bloggers out there, don’t give up, and try to keep a weekly schedule to keep the content coming.

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Week in Review

Week in Review 5.13.2018-5.19.2018


Here’s what I was up to this week. My weekly poem is a short one, but definitely one to think about, Most Dangerous Thief. I’ve recently joined Instagram and give a few thoughts from the past month with I’m Now on Instagram. I have a book review in-line, in a way with my current review project, Ancient Aliens cast member Nick Pope’s 2014 book, Encounter in Rendlesham Forest. My review project is, of course, Carl Sagan’s Cosmos, and this week the first disc is up for review. Click the image or the title to read the piece. If you like it, click the like the button, and if you feel inclined, leave me a comment. All feedback is welcome. I post a nice eclectic mix. Be sure to click the follow button so you don’t miss anything.

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Carl Sagan's Cosmos, Television

Cosmos (1980) Disc 1 Review



Carl Sagan

Disc 1

#1The Shores of the Cosmic Ocean

Original Air Date: September 28, 1980

Synopsis: Carl Sagan takes us from Earth into space and back again in an attempt to find Earth’s place in the universe. Continue reading “Cosmos (1980) Disc 1 Review”

Book Review

Encounter in Rendlesham Forest (2014) Review


Most people, even those with no interest in the paranormal have heard of Roswell. In 1947, perhaps the most famous event in UFO lore occurred when a suspected alien craft crashed on a farm near Roswell, New Mexico. What most people haven’t heard of is a more recent, better, and intriguing account of UFOs, this time in England. The Rendlesham Forest Incident is Britain’s Roswell, but unlike Roswell, there wasn’t a crash, but a landing, and multiple sightings over two consecutive days by both civilians and more importantly, United States Air Force personnel stationed on the twin bases of Bentwaters and Woodbridge over the Christmas holiday in 1980. One of the key witnesses was Deputy Base Commander Lt. Col. Charles Halt. In his 2014 book, Encounter in Rendlesham Forest: The Inside Story of the World’s Best-Documented UFO Incident, former head of Britain’s Ministry of Defense UFO research project and Ancient Aliens cast member Nick Pope writes with key witnesses John Burroughs and Jim Penniston to set the record straight. This was one of 10 books I wanted to both read and own in 2018. While it doesn’t land on the revered top shelf, it finds a valued spot on the shelf below and a welcome addition to my library.

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I’m Now on Instagram


I’ve written two separate pieces, Do You Instagram & Should I?, and more recently, Using Instagram & YouTube to Promote Your Blog – Do You & Should I? pondering using Instagram. In the last month, I decided to go ahead and create an account and try Instagram. I have a Twitter account, @irishdrew412, and a Facebook fan page for my blog and don’t really use either as I’ve grown tired of social media due to political bickering. I covered that in another piece, I’m Sick of Your Politics Social Media. Instagram appears to be a decent outlet, and I’ve added an icon to my social links off to the side to link to my account. Continue reading “I’m Now on Instagram”