College Football 2017 Week 12 Preview

Embarrassing. I’m embarrassed by Notre Dame’s play against Miami. As bad as they were last season, I haven’t been so ashamed of my team since the National Title game against Alabama. Brian Kelly can’t get a team to go play in a big game hostile environment, and his body language was atrocious during the 41-8 loss. Top ranked Georgia fell on the road as well to Auburn in similar fashion, 40-17. The upset stage began Friday night when Stanford ended Washington’s hopes to repeat in the playoffs with a 30-22 win on “The Farm.”


Cannery Row (1945) Review

I have a confession to make. I’d never read anything by John Steinbeck. Yes, I made it through both high school and college without Steinbeck making an appearance. As of late, I wanted to read his work. I didn’t want to start off with the “classics.” After them, where do you go? I don’t know. You’ve got to build yourself up because there’s always good stuff beneath the surface. For every Dark Side of the Moon or The Wall, there’s A Saucerful of Secrets. Then again, it’s not all good. Steinbeck’s 1945 offering, Cannery Row, is one of these. It’s not good. In fact, it’s so bad I couldn’t finish it.

Week in Review 11.5.2017-11.11.2017

Here’s what I was up to this week. Due to complications from WordPress placing my poem in the Reader so people could read and enjoy it, I took it down to save for a later date. With Election Day this week, I dusted off a special piece with an updated title, Go Vote – Election Day 2017. I previewed the eleventh week of the 2017 college football season. To finish the week, there was a film review, Kong: Skull Island (2017) Review. Click the image or the title to read the piece. If you like it, click the like the button, and if you feel inclined, leave me a comment. All feedback is welcome. I post a nice eclectic mix. Be sure to click the follow button so you don’t miss anything.

Kong: Skull Island (2017) Review

There’s many instances of seeing an IMDb rating before or after a film and thinking, did I watch the same film as these other people? Most of the time, I can’t finish a film with a high score and glowing reviews. Kong: Skull Island isn’t one of these instances. It’s the opposite, a case where I got into a film with a mediocre sub-7 rating. Why? I don’t know. These things never make sense to me. Not only overall ratings, but the films I like don’t make sense. Hell, let me be honest. I loved this one and gave it a perfect score.

College Football 2017 Week 11 Preview

Another week comes to an end, and we’ve moved closer to the eventual end. Week 10 brought excitement, and the eleventh week promises to bring much more. There’s a full slate of games with a few before Saturday, so let me do a quick recap of what happened a week ago. Clemson survived a 38-31 scare in Raleigh to defeat North Carolina State. In a game that lived up to its name, and still could be a Big XII championship preview, Oklahoma defeated Oklahoma State in Stillwater to win survive “Bedlam” 62-52.

Go Vote – Election Day 2017

My fellow Americans, I encourage every one of you legally eligible to get out and vote tomorrow. I’m not going to encourage you how to cast your ballot. I’m not going to tell you how to cast your ballot. You care as much about my political opinions as I care about yours, and I don’t care at all. The important thing, however, is not necessarily who you vote for, but that you vote. You might think it’s a waste of time, or a wasted vote. You might think your vote doesn’t matter. The only wasted vote is the vote not cast.

Week in Review 10.29.2017-11.4.2017

Here’s what I was up to this week. Night is the perfect poem to post to celebrate Halloween. On a more serious note, I had the next installment of my personal series, Life & Stuff V: D-I-V-O-R-C-E. There was a book review of Halloween themed poems, It’s Halloween (1977) Review. I looked back at October’s top pieces and reading endeavors. Sandwiched between the two I previewed the tenth week of the 2017 college football season. Click the image or the title to read the piece. If you like it, click the like the button, and if you feel inclined, leave me a comment. All feedback is welcome. I post a nice eclectic mix. Be sure to click the follow button so you don’t miss anything.

October 2017 Reading Endeavors

As October comes to an end, it’s time once again to take a look at the month’s reading endeavors. The five books for October bring my yearly total to 38. At the start of the year, I set a goal of 25 books, so these 38 books bring my completion percentage up to 152%. It’s been a few months since I’ve had a high total, but with the Halloween season come many books perfect for the time of year. It also helps when two books were “so bad I couldn’t finish” them, and two were more towards a slightly younger audience. Still, the month was a decent one as far as the quality. Yes, I wish two of these hadn’t been so bad. Of the three I finished, one wasn’t too bad, one was better than I expected, and the final book of the month is a top rated, top shelf all-time favorite since the days of my youth. I don’t know what November holds, but here’s what October offered. Let’s take a look back at these five books, and for my full review click on the cover art or title.

College Football 2017 Week 10 Preview

Another week done, and we’re entering the final full month of the 2017 college football season. Say hello to the tenth week. Before we say goodbye to the ninth, there’s a few games of note to mention. On Thursday night, Stanford avoided an upset on the road to Oregon State 15-14. Ohio State came back in dramatic fashion to stop Penn State in “The Horseshoe” 39-38. Georgia embarrassed Florida 42-7, and Florida fired head coach Jim McElwain. Former Miami head coach and current Gators defensive coordinator Randy Shannon takes over. Iowa State continued their miracle season by beating an undefeated TCU team 14-7 in front of their home crowd.

October 2017 Top Posts of the Month

October comes to an end. I’m happy to announce that October of 2017 was a milestone month. In the 2 ½ years I’ve been blogging, I had my first month with 1,000 views. To be exact, 1,150, and I thank you for the support. It’s time to take a look back over the most popular pieces of the month. Since WordPress won’t allow us to sort by likes, these are my top 5 posts of the month which received the most views. As always, there’s plenty of poetry pieces. To read the full piece, click on the cover art or title.