The True Arrival of the Harvest Season (Autumn 2021)

If September is the dawn of the Harvest season, October is the day. The full swing, the full bloom, the full circle of the Harvest season. The days are shortening in the mountains. Not by the time of the clocks, but the by time the sun sits in the sky. The fiery sphere retires early at this time of year. The mountains feel a chill once it retires, and even as it takes its seat the following the day. As hints of color creep into the leaves, an Autumn wind carries the first casualties to their final resting place.

Autumn, The Season of Sport

Autumn. Football season. For years and years. Most, well, as long as I can remember of my life. That’s adult or otherwise. Autumn meant the beginning of the football season. Playing and watching. Then, once I was in high school, cross country. Autumn was the time to wake up the echos at Notre Dame Stadium and Lambeau Field in Green Bay. SEC football. Those first two hold true. Now, as much college, and good college football as possible. To win and live, lose or die with those favorite teams and fantasy picks. Well, fuck the fantasy picks. That’s just extra fluff to make it fun. Whip cream on the pie. Over the last year, since the start of the “plandemic,” it’s also time for something else. A new love. No, not Halloween and the lost art of the Halloween special. Of that and those, I’ve always been a fan.

The Arrival of the Harvest Season (Autumn 2021)

Autumn came early to the mountains, brought along by September and the hurricane season. Though far away from the nearest ocean. The mountains feel the impact. While not great, the strong forces of nature arrive with a slight vengeance. Gone are the haunting days of 90 degree heat and who knows how high humidity. Vanished in an instant. The days drop a few degrees, and the nights plummet. No need for artificial coolant now. These are the times of open windows and light blankets. No need to clear the hearth and get the wood ready, but those days are approaching at a vigorous pace. Autumn has arrived early, and following close behind are the Harvest moons of the Harvest season.