Is Winter Truly Coming? (Welcome to Winter 2022)

Winter may sit on the seasonal throne, but its reign has been quiet. December felt almost like Spring in weather during both day and night, and except for the bare tree branches, one might think it. The new year brought a new turn in Winter, and it reached out its icy claws with a vengeance. A few short days into January, the mountains received their first true taste of Winter. While frost had covered the ground a few select times, this was more.

Sprawled Out Kitty Cat

What sort of secrets
Do you keep?
Sprawled out kitty cat
Sound asleep
What sort of mischief
Did you make?
While I was out
And you were awake

A Fall Saturday in the Smokies (& Thoughts of Davy Crockett)

Is this what it looked like all those years ago? Those bygone days of yesteryear, so far away, but still so near? If you look in the right direction, with the right set of eyes, and block all the trappings of humanity’s evolution into the modern age. The space age. Davy Crockett wouldn’t know what to make of the power lines, poles, or transformers. He probably wouldn’t know what to make of all the cabins. They might seem familiar, yet so strange, as they sit packed together, streamlined into little lots side-by-side with all the modern gadgets and gizmos. The distant roar of an unseen plane creates a slight chaos, otherwise the sky stays the same as it has, and will, more or less. Varying shades of blue stretch out to engulf the mountains far off in the distance. Clouds. Mountains. Yes, Mr. Crockett, I’m sure you have fond memories of the Smokies.

What Do You Do with A Sam Sam?

What do you do with a Sam Sam?
Do you give her lots of treats?
When she comes back from little walks,
On her tiny feets

A CBD Strain Review: Cheeze Cake (Moon Dragon Hemp)

Another strain down of the 14 strains I bought from Brighton, Colorado’s Moon Dragon Hemp. This one’s a weird one with a weird spelling. Cheeze Cake. Moon Dragon says this one’s a Sativa Hybrid, though when doing some research I found any THC cheesecake strain was Indica. Those are mysterious in origin, Cheese crossed with an unknown Indica. This Cheeze Cake sits at 10% CBD advertised. A normal 1/8th is 3.5 grams, and mine weighed 3.7 grams. I got for the insane price of $4.

An Unboxing from $6DollarShirts

Well, I suppose it’s time for another unboxing and thoughts on an initial purchase from a new company. No, this one isn’t dealing with CBD. I bought some shirts from on-line outlet, six of them, and a couple were more than $6. If you went up to an XL on a few, the price jumped a quarter, and two I bought were $9. I thought the shipping was a bit high at $11.33. They print on demand, so it takes a few days, but FedEx dropped mine off in a plastic mailer on a Sunday afternoon.