Winter (The Arrival)

Winter has indeed embarked
From its Northern home
The freezing gusts of icy wind
Allow the snow to roam
Falling in the valleys
And on the mountainside
The South again invaded
Without a place to hide,

You are God: Remember!

You are God
Both you and me
Not to each other
But the evil we see
The evil is you
And the evil is me

Sprawled Out Kitty Cat

What sort of secrets
Do you keep?
Sprawled out kitty cat
Sound asleep
What sort of mischief
Did you make?
While I was out
And you were awake

Black Sabbath (Halloween) Project Review Complete Recap

Album Review: Black Sabbath (1970) Paranoid (1970) Master of Reality (1971) Vol. 4 (1972) Sabbath Bloody Sabbath (1973) Sabotage (1975) Technical Ecstasy (1976) Never Say Die (1978) Poetry: My Mind Eyes of Fire You Say Goodbye to the Nighttime Film Review: Live in Paris (1970) Black Sabbath (1963) Copyright © Drew Martin 2021

Say Goodbye to the Nighttime

Say goodbye to the nighttime baby
A new kind of darkness come
Inspiring fear in so many, but
Revered and rejoiced by some
Now’s the time when the phantoms
Celebrate and play
The shadows dance in the wickedness
You know heaven’s a long, long way


Don’t you know you got me runnin’?
Don’t you know you’re fuckin’ stunnin’?
You blew my mind
And melted what remained
When I go to the grave now
Your memory’s ingrained,

Eyes of Fire

Eyes of fire
Burnin’ glow
Evil’s comin’
Don’t you know?
Mornin’ star
Cuts through the sky
Afraid to live
But scared to die

My Mind

Have you a mind to release
Thoughts so dear?
When the world won’t make
It all so clear
When the gloom and doom
Of a heavy mind
Makes the shadows
So easy to find

What Do You Do with A Sam Sam?

What do you do with a Sam Sam?
Do you give her lots of treats?
When she comes back from little walks,
On her tiny feets