Who Am I?

Drew Martin is an aspiring author born in Abingdon, Virginia. He maintains a blog he posts to several times a week. Topics include poetry, reviews, writing tips, random thoughts, and even the occasional photograph. His first attempts at creative writing and poetry came when he was in the 8th grade. From that time he has developed a distinct style drawn from many influences. After 15 years of focusing on poetry, he branched out into prose. His first attempts at short fiction were writing short stories which could fall in line with episodes of the classic television show The Twilight Zone. His wide range of interests give him a great depth of writing material. In early January 2017 he completed a Twilight Zone themed poetry collection titled Songs Beyond the Signpost. The collection is in the early stages of seeking a publisher.

Copyright © Drew Martin 2020

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  1. a red wings fan, eh? i too, displaced from the detroit area for some 30 years but sill watch and now am waiting for the new team to build, come together.

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  2. I love your cat!! Found you through twitter – always fun when you come across a fellow wordpress blogger over there!

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    1. Drew Martin says:

      Thank you
      She’s sweet. I’ve got several pics and cat related poems on the blog.


  3. Hi Drew 🙂 Just wanted to say hello…. your cat is adorable!

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    1. Drew Martin says:

      Hell o back. Thanks for saying so. I have a new one, and should probably do some updating. Thank you again.

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